Thursday, March 31, 2005

Zoning Info

Gary & Siri have mentioned in their comment to a previous post that they wish to have zoning information. On the wall of the entrance to the Hurley Town Hall is a zoning map of the town. Our area is zoned R1 and further information can be obtained from the office of the building inspector, Paul Economos.

Educational Signage for Maverick Road

David Baker has offered to have the town of Hurley put up signage in recognition of our centennial:
"a historic sign erected indicating to the public the general location of the Hervey White Farm/Maverick Colony " (please read previous comments made by David Baker)
He is asking for language suggestions from us for the sign or he can write the description himself...
any suggestions?

Friday, March 25, 2005

Historic District Designation

As some of you already know, Joe Treggor has proposed making the area of the former Maverick Art Colony, an historic district. He mentioned that the benefit of creating an historic district would prevent the possible widening of Maverick Road and would also protect the area from future development. Joe had already spoken to Dave Baker, the Hurley town historian about this matter and Joe reported to us that Dave Baker said that the county could very well widen Maverick Rd. and in so doing, could acquire needed land through eminent domain.
Some of us expressed concern about the possible constrictions on our property.

In the interest of becoming better informed, I phoned Dave Baker two days ago to find out more about the designation of historic district, pros & cons. I also mentioned the former Noda Memorial Museum which is the property adjacent to mine and dates from the mid 1700's. He was interested in seeing that building, so he came here and spoke at length about historic district designation and the Federal Landmark Program. It was a very informative meeting and he offered to meet with any residents who were interested and he could also bring zoning maps and any other information we wanted. I asked him about possible development in this area and he replied that the properties here are about as divided as they can be since you can only divide into four acre parcels but he did say that the county without any notification has been widening small roads. He explained that landmark designation might apply to only a few buildings and not to the entire property, but the important thing is to have it on both sides of the road which would preserve the road as is.
I explained to him that some of us are only here on weekends and he replied that he would be glad to accomodate us. I thanked him for his generosity and he said that it is our tax dollars at work, paying for his time.
If any of you are interested in having a meeting with our town historian, and learning more about the historic area designation, I will be glad to hold the meeting at my home. Doris
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