Thursday, March 31, 2005

Educational Signage for Maverick Road

David Baker has offered to have the town of Hurley put up signage in recognition of our centennial:
"a historic sign erected indicating to the public the general location of the Hervey White Farm/Maverick Colony " (please read previous comments made by David Baker)
He is asking for language suggestions from us for the sign or he can write the description himself...
any suggestions?


Blogger Joe T said...

I think David might do the language and then he could post it for review. Whether the site is officially designated a historic district is immaterial to the signage. In fact, it is an historic site and should so be recognized in Hurley.
I would also suggest that he somehow incorporate the sentiment in his reply to Bill Mead regarding the "end date" of the Maverick Art Colony.

6:15 PM  
Blogger Musa Mayer said...

Shouldn't it be "THE MAVERICK"? I'd suggest something like:

Woodstock's second artists colony founded in 1905 by Hervey White
and Frederick Vanderloo

10:52 AM  
Anonymous Dave Baker said...

A well known artist
colony started in 1905
by writer Hervey White
and his associate
Frederick Vanderloo

11:11 AM  
Blogger Joe T said...

I agree with Musa that it should be titled. "The Maverick" as that is how people referred to it. Maybe a bit more descriptive text?

Something like:

The Maverick
Hervey White founded this
prodigious colony of bohemian artists, musicians, thesbians, writers and dancers in 1905. Their creatuve spirits were immortilized in the notorius Maverick Festivals.

9:00 PM  
Blogger Joe T said...

wow, atrocious spelling!

creative spirits, notorious.

Hey, how about some other people signing on!

9:02 PM  
Anonymous Tony Robinson said...

What's this "second" business? And who knows anything about Frederick Vanderloo? Simplify! It should read: "The Maverick. Art colony founded by Hervey White in 1905. Tony.

4:29 PM  
Anonymous Laurie E. Ylvisaker said...

A long running artists colony founded by Hervey White in 1905. Home to painters, writers, actors & musicians. Original site of the Maverick Festivals, an annual celebration of the arts. Site of Americas longest running summer chamber music festival at Maverick Concerts.

9:04 AM  
Anonymous Cornelia Rosenblum said...

2005 marks the centennial of the founding of The Maverick Art Colony
by Hervey White and (?) Van Der Loo .
Many well known figures in American arts & letters came to live and work
in the rustic cabins scattered throughout the woods.
A Concert Hall and Theatre were a vital part of the artistic activity.
From (?) to (?) the colony was supported by an annual Festival
drawing thousands of revelers to enjoy dramatic presentations,
games and food. The Concert Hall, is on the National Register
of Historic sites and continues to present a distinguished Chamber
Music Series each summer. The Theatre no longer exists, but many
artists, writers and craftsmen still live in the area carrying on the
original spirit of the Maverick.

9:45 PM  
Anonymous Jean Gaedes said...

Bolton Brown once remarked, "The Maverick was a state of mind, rather than a place."

12:36 PM  
Blogger Gary & Siri said...

Thank you, Jean!  We agree with Bolton Brown completely.  The houses, like the festivals, were intended to be fleeting.  Hervey White didn't care if they burned down; another could always be built.  That's the beauty of The Maverick.  The Maverick was so named because it represented a spirit that could not be tamed, one that refused to be fenced in, that knew no boundaries. 

We think that "You are Here" signage is inappropriate and would be against Hervey White's wishes.  Besides, signage is unnecessary visual clutter.  Let's respect the natural environment and the spirit of The Maverick.

9:50 PM  
Blogger Bill & Lisa said...

Lisa and I like the idea of a historical plaque and think it is an appropriate way to mark the centennial of the Maverick. Historical markers stand apart from other signage in that they serve to give visitors and locals alike a better sense of the history and character of a place. There are historical markers throughout the Catskills and we always enjoy coming across them.
Our neighborhood is an area with significant local history and I think it's fine to let passersby know this. Maybe commuters and big rigs will slow down to 50mph out of respect or possibly even to read the marker. (What am I thinking?)

I think we all agree that the truly offensive signs on Maverick Road are the ones that read 40mph. If placing a historical marker can, in any way, aid the cause of lowering the speed limit, then it is entirely worth while.

-gleaned from previous posts-

Artist colony founded by Hervey White in 1905.
Home to painters, writers, actors & musicians
So named because it represented a spirit that
could not be tamed and knew no boundaries. 

9:54 AM  
Blogger Phyllis Tower said...

A few thoughts

7:50 PM  
Blogger Joe T said...

I am with Bill, and also Laurie. Instead of painters though, "visual artists" (as there were, and are three dimensional artists).

In response to Gary,

Hervey White didn't own the house of mine that burned down along with much of my uncle's important work, I was saddned, as were many others.

There were many sucessful artists writers and musicians who followed White's original colony and they were given title they worked to make these houses more than shacks. Many of them still stand today because of that.

7:57 PM  
Blogger Phyllis Tower said...

A few thoughts on a new sign for the Maverick Colony.
First, the original sign at 375 and Maverick Road is so simple and perfect and seems to me to say it all and also to mark the spirit and the history. Why do we need another?
Second, in practical terms, would another sign, at whatever spot farther along, present a danger? The speeding on Maverick Road is dangerous right now; a sign would cause people to slow--and look--for what? Some of the houses are on the road, and many are back from it. We don't want to be contributing to accidents.
Another problem concerns Muse Road, which is one lane and a dead end. If people begin to turn up various driveways and roads in search of "The Colony," this could be a problem--they would end up turning around at the last house and upsetting that person. Do we want to encourage more traffic on driveways and roads that were not meant for it? We are not the same as Byrdcliffe; a different, and more independent spirit has always flourished here. (from Phyllis at the Canalboat.)

8:02 PM  
Blogger Joe T said...

Canalboat Phyllis' points are well taken. Her concern is founded and I am with her in trying to respect our privacy and relative natural peace.

But it is because that peace, at this very moment, is in jeapordy that this recognition is so important.

Our part of the "Celebration" would only be at best for a week end or two and in August; the traffic impact would be minimal and temporary. I think that some folks aversion to having the historical signage is symptomatic of a fear that the "celebration" will encourage development, increase exploratory traffic and trespassing.

The signage is being offered by our town of Hurley, through our town historian. This is an important step; having the Town of Hurley recognize its important historical asset. The existing sign was sponsored by Woodstock so this is a bit of a matter of Town pride as well.

As Bill points out, a pragmatic bonus is that the signs may well slow down the speeds in the area. And further, that designation would serve as a basis to have the town appeal to the county for a Reduced Speed zone. I doubt the true speeders would even notice the signs!

Although we might, and I repeat, might, experience some inconvenience in having the signage and visitations, we must look ahead for the long term. This recognition of the historical importance of the area by our town and community will go a long way in preserving the essence that we treasure so much in the future.

If I thought for a moment that the celebration would encourage further development and permanently increase traffic I would abandon my support of it at once.

This truly is a minimalist "festival" especially in comparison to White's!

9:29 PM  
Blogger Doris said...

To view the Maverick Rd. Historic Sign at corner of Rt. 375, click on the first link in right hand column, "Links".
Doris Licht

4:13 PM  
Anonymous Jean Gaedes said...

The site of Hervey White's Maverick Colony, located and acknowledged as a state of mind, free as a wild horse.

5:13 PM  
Anonymous David Baker said...

I have been keeping up with your thoughts and concern about the signate for the Maverick by visiting the site fairly regularly. As there is a limit on the verbage that can go on a sign, I will create one that represents your thoughts and wisdom. Your time and efforts are truley appreciated.

12:23 PM  
Anonymous Jean Gaedes said...

The site of Hervey White's Maverick Colony 1905-1944 just over the line from Woodstock

2:08 PM  

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